Mediterranean Seabass tartar with Dakhla oyster & Attilius caviar


Recipe serves 1
Seabass 400gr
Lemon juice 35gr
Gr olive oil 25
Shallot 15gr
Pcs oyster 3
Oyster sauce:
Fresh free range organic eggs 2
Table oil 250gr
Fresh oysters 6
Water 50gr
Lime powder
Gold leave


Seabass Tartar:

1.Remove the skin of the seabass, cut the flesh into strips then dice. Place into a bowl seasons with lemon juice, olive oil, chopped shallot, chopped dill, chopped oyster, salt, mix together and refrigerate.

Oyster sauce:

2.Cook the eggs for 6min, then mix the eggs with a little water in order to emulsify the mass, add the oil and the oyster, sieve, refrigerated and reserved into squeezing bottle.


3.Dress the seabass tartare into the ring, add on top the caviar then add around the oyster sauce and the watermelon Decorated with gold leave , lime powder.

Chef Thiery Papillier

Thierry Papillier was born in Brittany France training at Le Nôtre’s School and Alain Ducasse formation centres earning a certificate in chocolate, before accepting a position at Relais & Chateaux hotel on the Normandy coast that was to be the first of five Michelin-starred restaurants that employed him over six years in France – all before he turned 25.

Since then Thierry has developed an illustrious career in leading hotels around the world ranging from the Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca; Four Seasons Resort Mauritius ; Four Seasons Hotel Cairo; First Arabian Hotel and Resort Company, Cairo; Hotel Nile Hilton; as well as various restaurants in France.

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