INGREDIENTS lovage-cured-fillet-of-loch-duart-salmon-sea-herbs-samphire-pickled-cucumber-attilus-royal-oscietra-caviar

Recipe serves 1
Ingredients for the Salmon and Cure:
Side of line caught Loch Duart Salmon 1
Salt 250g
Sugar 1 star anise 250g
Lemon zest 100g
Whole white peppercorns 100g lovage leaf and stalks 5g
For the Onion Crisp:
Feuille de Bric pastry
Free range egg yolk
Tsp. onion seeds
For the Lovage Oil:
Blanched lovage leaves 100g
Extra virgin olive oil 150g
Sunflower oil 150g
Lovage Emulsion:
Egg yolks 2
Dijon mustard 1 Tsp.
Cider vinegar Seasoning 1 Tbsp.

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